Tips when Looking for Scouting Scholarships

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Scouting Scholarship Tips

Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts possess an exceptional advantage when it comes to locating and applying for Scouting scholarships. While there are numerous Scout scholarships that are awarded each year to Scouts from a variety of organizations, foundations and private corporations, there are also many other scholarships which may not be specifically set aside for Scouts, but for which Scouts make ideal candidates.

One of the reasons for this is that many scholarships are awarded based on character, leadership and extra-curricular activities. These are all areas in which Scouts tend to excel. Therefore, the first tip to keep in mind when looking for Scout scholarships, is to keep your eyes open for those types of scholarships based solely on character, leadership, patriotic, community involvement and extra-curricular activities. Do not simply isolate your search to specific Scouting scholarships. There are numerous opportunities available through a variety of sources.

Scouts will also find there to be numerous colleges and universities that are quite friendly to Scouts. Even if you have not noticed a scholarship opportunity set aside specifically for Scouts at an institution that interests you, be sure to mention that you are a Scout and ask about possible scholarships. You may be quite surprised to find there is a special funding stream set aside or even a memorial scholarship offered to Scouts you were not aware of.

There are also many religious and civic/military organizations and groups which offer Scouting scholarships, including scholarships for Scouts of Catholic, Jewish and Eastern Orthodox faiths.

Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion also offer scholarships specifically for Scouts who have earned advanced scouting awards. The National Society for the Sons of the American Revolution offers Scouting scholarships as well. While you do need to be a Scout to apply, you do not need to be a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Once you start looking, you may be surprised at the number of Scouting scholarships available. Go to veterans and military scholarships to read about many of them.

All presidential scholarship programs  are ideal scholarships which a Scout should apply too. Much of the criteria which this award is based on mirrors what a Scout is supposed to exhibit and already has.

Their are numerous community based scholarships which a Scout would be an ideal candidate for. Scouts are all about giving back to their communities to make them better places.

Tons of leadership scholarships materialize each and every year to honor those leadership skills which Scouting has shaped and formed over the years. Self starters are Scouts and this is what leadership awards are based on.

There are a number of explorer based scholarships increasing in popularity too. Accomplished Scout have done enough exploring in their travels that’s for sure.

All military based organizations would be an ideal place for Scouts to look for and apply to their scholarships. Even military based colleges would be good places to contact for these Scouting scholarships.

All patriotic scholarshipsare perfect scholarships for Scouts to look into. There are not as numerous as other general scholarships, but there are enough of them which deserve to be looked into and applied to by Scouts looking for college scholarships to help pay their college tuition bill. A newer one is the Free to Tweet Scholarships.

Guaranteed scholarship programs are a must to look into. These programs can be easy to win because guaranteed scholarships award students on what already has been accomplished such as high GPA’s, SAT’s etc… and other past awards such as Eagle Scout status or Gold awards for girl Scouts. You fill out the paperwork and hand it in with proof of past accomplishments and their are no other requirements. It’s a student paperwork shuffle.

The above suggestions and tips will help any accomplished Scout with getting some student aid for college, and more specifically Scouting scholarships. Put these to good use and satisfying results should follow.

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