How to Get Eagle Scout Scholarships

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Eagle Scout Scholarships

If you are a Boy Scout and you are interested in learning how to get Eagle Scout scholarships, there are several tips that need to be kept in mind. Eagle Scout scholarships are offered each year by the National Eagle Scout Association or NESA. To be eligible there are several stipulations that candidates must meet. First, award money from NESA Eagle Scout scholarships will only be paid to the college or university you will be attending. Funding is not given to award recipients directly. Funding will only be provided to four-year colleges and universities that offer at least a bachelor degree program. Funding from this scholarship program is not provided to trade schools, military academies or two-year colleges.

When applying for Eagle Scout scholarships, it is important to keep in mind that these scholarships may be competitive. Applicants must be able to demonstrate consisting Scouting leadership ability and must also be able to provide a record which demonstrates they have been active in pursuits beyond Scouting. A diverse extra-curricular and volunteer record of participation can be essential in helping applicants get Eagle Scout scholarships for college. Applicants should also provide an endorsement or letter of recommendation from a volunteer or Scout leaders who has a personal relationship with them and can vouch for their leadership and character. Applicants should also be prepared to submit records detailing their GPA and scores on standardized tests, such as the ACT and/or SAT.

Eagle Scout scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for Scouts to obtain the financial funding they need to pursue their educational goals. Taking the time to craft a carefully thought-out and comprehensive application which details a well-rounded volunteer and leadership background can be pivotal in improving one’s chances to get an Eagle Scout scholarship.

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