Scout Scholarships for College

scout scholarships for college

Alternative Scout Scholarships

Along with the Scout scholarships that are offered by NESA as well as numerous other organizations, corporations and groups, there are also many alternative Scout scholarships which both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may wish to apply for. One such option is to apply for high school scholarships, community scholarships or leadership scholarships. There are many alternative scholarships that are excellent alternatives for Scouts due to the community service involvement and extra-curricular activities which Scouting often focuses upon.

When looking for community, high school or leadership scholarships, it is important to research resources that may be available in your local community. A great place to begin is by talking to your guidance counselor about scholarship programs which your school may participate in. There are numerous high school scholarships  for college which students can apply to in grades 9-12 that are a perfect alternative to Scout scholarships.

Along with local programs, there may also be numerous national programs which you can apply for. You might be surprised to discover the number of high school scholarships that are available in your local area. Is there a Wendy’s restaurant in your town or nearby? Consider applying for the High School Heisman program. This program provides financial assistance to high school students with exceptional athletic skill and a strong academic background. The deadline to apply is October 2nd.

Another great resource for alternative Scout scholarships is club scholarships. There is a good chance that there are many clubs operating both in your school and your local community. Many of these clubs offer scholarships to outstanding members. Not only are club scholarships offered on the local level, but also on the national level. Active participation combined with a Scouting background can make you an excellent candidate for a variety of club scholarships from clubs such as the Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions club to name a few.

You should also consider expanding your search for alternative Scouting scholarships to regional groups and charities. For instance, there are many local social clubs that provide financial assistance and college scholarships to members or children/grandchildren of members. For instance, the VFW and their scholarships for Veterans children is one well-known organization that sponsors numerous college scholarships each year.

In addition, both Sams Club and Walmart have become well-known for their community service efforts through the years, including offering a number of high school scholarships. Walmart scholarships are simple to apply to.

The Elks Club also offers more than $3.64 million in scholarships through three different programs each year. You might also consider applying for a Moose Lodge scholarship if there is a lodge in your local community. Moose lodges have provided more than 1,200 students with college funding since 1986.

Students involved in Scouting will also find there to be numerous other types of easy scholarships that can assist them with furthering their education. There are many types of grants and scholarships available through an array of sources, including special interest groups, church affiliations, the U.S. government, large corporations, educational organizations and non-profit organizations.

One of the best things you can do when searching for alternative Scout scholarships is to assess what makes you unique and sets you apart from other scholarship candidates. Consider the occupation or field of study you want to pursue.

The military is often an excellent source for locating easy scholarship money, particularly for students who have a sense of adventure and want to serve overseas. Scouting experience will provide you with an additional benefit as earning an Eagle Scout or Gold Award will automatically increase your ranking in any branch of the military. These are just a few examples of alternative Scouting scholarships and easy scholarships that may be available to you. Easy scholarships are often great Scout scholarship options because of the many awards presented annually by them.

Guaranteed scholarships can also be a good source as an alternative Scout scholarship. For students not familiar with guaranteed scholarships, these are scholarships that are guaranteed to be awarded to any student who meets the criteria for that scholarship program. For the most part, this means there is no selection process or interview. In addition, there is often no limit regarding the number of scholarships that will be awarded annually. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may be eligible for multiple types of scholarships, including guaranteed scholarships.

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