Preparing for Girl Scout Scholarships

girl scout scholarships

Preparing for Girl Scout Scholarships

Learning how to prepare for Girl Scout scholarships and other awards can help college-bound students understand how to best showcase their skills, talents and experiences to optimize their chances of receiving the Scout scholarships and awards they need to pursue their educational goals. While it is always exciting to plan for college, for many students the process can also be challenging. From taking standardized tests, to waiting for acceptance letters from colleges, this journey into higher education can be time-consuming.

One of the most critical things for students to understand is the importance of the timeline in preparing for college and applying for Girl Scout scholarships and other financial assistance. There are numerous preparatory steps girls interested in attending college need to take each year, starting while they are in junior high or even middle school. Girls active in their local troops can also take the opportunity to apply together and in doing so, can take advantage of the opportunity to assist each year, motivate one another and share one of the most important times of their lives. In addition, Girl Scout advisers and leaders can prove to be critical in inspiring the girls in their troops to remain focused and by providing additional support.

There are numerous scholarships for Girl Scouts which are sponsored each year by foundations, corporations, universities and colleges. Girls with plans to attend specific colleges or universities may wish to contact those schools directly and inquire about Girl Scout scholarships, as it is quite likely they have a funding stream dedicated solely to Girl Scout Scholarships.

When applying for scholarships, it is important to keep in mind that it is never too early to begin thinking about college. Many students will find their schools offer classes as early as middle and junior high that will help them to prepare for college and place them on the college track. Middle school and junior high is also a great time for girls to begin or complete their Bronze Award projects.

While college may still seem as though it is a long time away, ninth grade is the right time girls to start speaking to their guidance counselors about selecting classes that will prepare them for college. This is also a good time to start a college preparation folder that contains a list of extra-curricular activities, awards, volunteer experience, etc. Now is also the right time to begin researching possible ideas for the Silver Award and to get started working toward it.

Tenth grade is a good time to begin researching colleges and looking at admissions requirements for various colleges. Girls planning to apply for Girl Scout scholarships should also update their college preparation folders. These folders will prove to be crucial when applying for scholarships.

When girls enter their junior year of high school, it is time to begin looking at Gold Award projects. Remember, many scholarships are restricted to Gold Award winners only. This is also a good time to begin attending college fairs and actively investigating scholarship opportunities. Prospective scholarship candidates should also update their college preparation folders at this time.

The final year of high school is an exciting time, but the importance of keeping up grades should be kept in mind. This is the ideal time to begin asking Troop leaders for recommendation letters and to begin compiling a resume that details Girl Scouts achievements, awards, involvement and activities.

Each year, scores of Girl Scouts awards are given out to girls from around the country by a variety of foundations, institutions, organizations and even private corporations. These Scout scholarships represent an excellent opportunity for Girl Scouts to fund their dreams of a higher education and even take advantage of numerous other stellar opportunities, including studying abroad. By beginning early and taking the time to carefully prepare for applying for these scholarships, Girl Scouts will be able to improve their chance of attaining a scholarship and completing their college degree.

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