How to Get Girl Scout Scholarships

girl scout scholarships

Girl Scout Scholarships

Each year dozens of universities as well as religious, civic and military organizations and BSA local councils offer Girl Scout scholarships. Some Girl Scout scholarships are merit-based while others are needs-based. While some scholarships can be highly competitive, there are also scholarships that are offered to every Girl Scout that applies. These Scout scholarships offer an excellent way to fund your dreams of pursuing a higher education.

As part of an organization comprised of some ten million girls around the world, Girl Scouts possess an exceptional opportunity to make the world a better place and take positive action. One of the first steps for doing so is by earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. Earning this award can also position you for an opportunity to win Girl Scout gold award scholarships. This award represents the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts organization. Girls who earn this award not only have an excellent opportunity to win a scholarship, but will also immediately rise one rank within any branch of the U.S. military, if they should decide to pursue military service.

To be eligible for the Girl Scout Gold award and to eventually apply for Girl Scouting scholarships, applicants must be in high school and must be a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador. They must also complete two Journeys or Earn their Silver Award and complete one Ambassador or Senior Journey. Applicants must select a community issue they care about, research that issue and create a project plan that achieves measurable and sustainable impact. Careful consideration should be given to the selection and implementation of this plan, as it may be used in the selection process for Girl Scout scholarships in the future. Girls should focus on taking action and taking the lead to carry out their plan, while inspiring and educating others with their knowledge and experience.

The last step is to start applying to as many patriotic, leadership, military, explore type and community based scholarships as possible because these are the ones which are a perfect fit for Girl Scout qualifications. Many organizations as well as university and colleges have such programs. Some may even have specific scholarships just for Girl Scouts only to apply to and these are the ones to apply to first. Many civic, religious and club organizations will be very good places to inquire about scouting scholarships too.

Great Tip!

Contact the Boy Scouts of America to inquire into Scouting scholarships which Girl Scouts can also apply to.  At the same time ask them where Girl Scouts can find OTHER scholarships specifically for Girl Scouts .  You may be pleasantly surprised. Student aid for Scouts changes from year to year and the BSA are the first ones to know of any newer program that hits the market perfect  for Scouts!

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