Scout Scholarships for Minority Students

scout scholarships for minority students

Scout Minority Scholarships

Minorities who are active in their local Scout troops will find there to be a number of educational programs and Scout scholarships for minorities which can assist them in their dreams of pursuing a college education for both boy and girl scouts. Scouts are often ideal candidates for a variety of scholarships beyond those that are offered specifically to Scouts. As many minority scholarships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate strong community involvement and leadership skills, minorities who are also Scouts stand an excellent chance of winning a scholarship.

USHCC Foundation/Sprint Scholarships for Minority Scouts
Minority scholarships for Scout applicants worthy of consideration include the USHCC Foundation/Sprint Scholarship. This program offers 25 $1,500 scholarships for full-time undergraduate students or graduating high school seniors who will be studying marketing, information technology engineering, business administration or finance. There are also many minority internship and fellowship programs offered to minorities. Applicants with a Scouting background would be ideal candidates for these programs. Cendant Summer Internship is one such program. There are also numerous internship programs sponsored by the several federal agencies which offer the opportunity to gain crucial on-the-job experience within a variety of fields.

In addition, minority students involved in Scouting may also wish to apply for a host of other scholarships specifically for minority students. These scholarship opportunities include the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, Presidential Freedom Scholarships, Microsoft New Science and Technology Scholarships for Hispanic Students, the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students, Actuarial Scholarships for Underrepresented Students, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the Salvadoran-American Leadership & Educational Fund and Graduate Fellowships for Minorities Nationwide.

Minority students looking for Scout scholarships should also look into high school scholarships for college which they can apply to while they are in 9-12th grades. High school students can apply them even though they’re in 9-11th grades. These programs are designed specifically for the lower grade levels other then 12th grade.

Since Scouting involves leadership, exploring, and community involvement skills; minority students should focus on these awards as potential Scout scholarships. There are many such as club scholarships, military scholarships, patriotic scholarships such as the VFW scholarships and the Robert C Byrd Honors Scholarship Program.

When applying for Scout minority scholarships, applicants should always make a point of highlighting their Scouting experience and what they have learned from that experience. Special care should also be taken to point out awards earned through Scouting participation and activities, particularly Eagle Scout and Gold Awards.

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